The Honest Expat is a little peek into what it’s really like to live abroad—the funny (ha-ha and weird) everyday encounters, and the sublime highs and ridiculous lows of attempting to make a foreign place into a home. It’s also a locus for travel advice honed over 13 years of living abroad, including how to do it with and without kids, what and how to pack, and what to read—inflight and on the ground.

I came to live abroad after 10 years in New York, where I waitressed, wrote, spent a year at FIT and a few years at Sotheby’s before finally—and very happily—finding myself at Elle magazine. I was a copy editor there then moved up to Copy Chief at Elle Decor, only to leave five weeks later with my husband of 10 months for Hong Kong. But we would only be abroad for two years, three at the most.

Thirteen years and three kids later, here we still are, living the dream! It has been an amazing mix of adjustment, connection, fun, adventure, sometimes loneliness, and often hilarious confusion. Like regular life but with way more jet lag.
Thanks for popping in to see what it all looks like.

Boarding the plane in Borneo, as you do.

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