The Honest Expat has moved to America!

Just when I was all set to share the wacky secrets of living in Asia, we picked up sticks and moved to Truckee, California. Which, in its own way, is more foreign than living in China. Fourteen years of expat life in Hong Kong does not adequately prepare you for living in a smallish mountain town in the US.

The adventures are more snow- and wildfire-based than they are about typhoons, but the communication barriers are still there. (I didn’t know I was supposed to clear a path in the snow for the propane guy to get to the tank…? I thought maybe he’d do that.) And we’ve replaced wild boar and 18-foot pythons with Jack-Russell-snatching coyotes and curious black bears. 

The good news is that we’re still doing what we do best: traveling. 

Mexico City, Utah, LA, Palm Springs, Napa and Sonoma, New York, and–inevitably–Disneyworld. But now that we’ve checked Orlando off the list, we can focus on places farther afield. There’s a trip to Nepal in the works, and Macchu Pichu too. So stay tuned for more travel stories and tips, mixed in amongst the fish out of water adventures here in the Sierras (where everything is named Sierra something or other). Thanks as always for being here!

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